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How much money could you save if you improved your new hire retention rate by 50%?

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Did you know that the cost of just one bad hire can run a company upwards of $100k (USD)? 


Improving your retention rate is probably the single MOST important thing you can do to improve cash flow.

Depending on the size of your company, this could run into the millions of dollars each year.


How would you like to deliver a year end report featuring THAT statistic?


We deliver our clients a retention rate of 96% over 12 months.


Imagine that your current retention rate is 60% (some companies are lower).


How much money would you save if you switched to a recruiter who improved that figure to 96%?

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You don’t need to guess

Contact us at: or call 206.779.2799 and we will provide you

a FREE report to work out just how much you’ll save.

If you prefer, you can book a complimentary consultation

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Our Method

We've removed the frustration, risk and unpredictability of the hiring process by applying our retained search methodology.  This ensures you receive an efficient and effective campaign to identify the highest caliber of talent can be secured.

  • Ensures that you are represented only one way, by one consultant in the marketplace

  • Begins with a full briefing session with all stakeholders to define and agree on the parameters of the search and the process

  • A thorough research process to identify all candidates who have the right skill set and behavioral competencies

  • Systematically and professionally approach every single candidate identified using multiple methods

  • Weekly steering meetings where we share our progress with you

  • Candidates presented to you for interview

  • You'll be absolutely confident you are making your hire from all of the best talent available to you in the market

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Job interview

The result is that 96% of the candidates we place are STILL in the role after 12 months. This figure is so solid that we’re able to offer a replacement guarantee of up to 12 months (depending on the seniority of the role).

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your business a minimum of six figures in lost revenue, business disruption and commercial downtime.


Our guarantee effectively insures your recruitment campaign, removing frustration and eliminating unnecessary costs.


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“Catherine is great to work with. 3P&T provides great talent, value and delivers what they promise. I highly recommend Catherine & 3P&T."


John A.

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“3P&T is the recruiting firm we turn to for our senior level cybersecurity roles.  We can always count on them to provide highly skilled candidates that are a great culture fit."


Ryan J.

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"We regularly turn to 3P&T for our cyber security recruiting needs. They're always on point. Quick and accurate, giving us access to great talent. They proactively present qualified candidates so we're aware of who's available and when


Tab P.

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