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Specializing in Cybersecurity Talent Acquisition

If you're involved in the hiring process, then you know just how much valuable TIME it takes to hire new employees.  What if we could help you reduce the time you spend on your hiring campaigns by at least 50% by making just one adjustment to your hiring strategy?


Achieve Your Goals

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing, unique industries in the world. Currently, there is an extreme deficit of qualified Cybersecurity talent in the market, and companies across the globe are feeling it. With increasing demands for security from consumers all the way to C-level executives, those demands cannot be satisfied without the proper talent.

We established 3P&T Security Recruiting to address the inability to recruit Cybersecurity professionals, whether due to a lack of resources internally, a lack of industry knowledge, or simply because it is a difficult market. Our aim is to be available to you, deliver timely, qualified candidates tailored to your needs, and to be extremely communicative. We will coach and guide your team and be your eyes in the market as we partner together in finding the Cybersecurity talent you need.