The 3P&T Method

We've removed the frustration, risk and unpredictability of the hiring process by taking a proven, scientific approach to recruitment.

    Our Method

    Powered by Candidate Bridge®, our management of your recruitment campaign uses…

    • Psychometric analysis to create a profile of the desired candidate.

    • A comprehensive market search using our network of contacts built over many years.

    • A candidate-led application process (that includes video interviewing and competency questionnaires) to identify the most qualified and committed applicants.

    • A behavioral analysis program that differentiates candidates and results in a more accurate decision-making process.


    The result is that 96% of the candidates we place are STILL in the role after 12 months. This figure is so solid that we’re able to offer a replacement guarantee of up to 12 months (depending on the seniority of the role).

    Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your business a minimum of six figures in lost revenue, business disruption and commercial downtime. Our guarantee effectively insures your recruitment campaign, removing frustration and eliminating unnecessary costs.

    To learn more or to begin your recruitment campaign today, please call 425.363.0830 or email