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Improving Your Employer Brand Through Talent Acquisition & Retention

In my previous post I gave suggestions on ways you can measure your employer brand. Even if your employer brand is great you'll want to keep improving on what you are doing. The goal is to create an environment (even virtually) where your employees are happy and engaged. Happy and engaged employees not only give you a competitive advantage, they reduce the headache of having to hire new employees.

Here are some easy ways to help your employees feel valued and appreciated for the contributions that they make to your company.

  • Offer flexible work options, working remotely or hybrid.

  • Give your employees opportunities for growth and learning.

  • Recognize them on their birthday.

  • Offer activities that the team can do together during the work day so it doesn’t take away from their family time. Ideas could include going to a day baseball game, bowling, going out to lunch, etc.

  • Have “themed” days like - bring your kid to work day, bring your dog to work, wear your favorite sports jersey day, etc. It will help your employees to get to know more about each other and build unity.

  • Serve in the community together

What are some ideas that you’ve come up with to show your employees how much you value them?

If you would like to book a strategy call on this or other talent acquisition and retention topics please contact me. I'm here to help.

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