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Staying in our Lane

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at 3P&T Security Recruiting is our replacement guarantee of up to a year. That’s right! If we place a candidate and the person leaves for any reason we will conduct another search to replace that person free of charge.

We rarely have to do that because our approach to recruiting is not only based on the way they present themselves and their experience or skill set but, it’s also based on whether they will be a cultural fit.

Earlier this year we placed a C-level role and due to some unforeseen circumstances the person left the role before their year mark. The client decided they weren’t going to need a replacement due to changes within the company. We wanted to go above and beyond what our agreement was and offered to work on another role in the future at no charge. We are a cyber security recruiting firm. That’s our “lane”. But when the client reached out to us with another role that was outside of our lane we accepted and agreed to help them with the role. Big lesson learned.

The role they needed help with required a very specific skill set within a narrow domain and we have struggled. We’ve struggled because it’s not our expertise and in the process, the search has taken us longer than our typical delivery time. It’s frustrating to the client but, it’s also frustrating for our team.

We’ve learned so much from this experience. We’ve learned about how to target candidates in a role that is outside of our specialty but most importantly, we’ve learned that we need to stay in our lane. Confession over!

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